Automotive & Trailer Supply

Fort Collins has a trusted source to turn to for Automotive & Trailer Supply.  For years Poudre Valley Co-op has been supplying Northern Colorado with some of the finest products on the market.

Automotive & Tractor Fluids

Full line of CENEX Products including:

  • Auto Gold® Synthetic Blend Gasoline Engine Oil
  • Superlube® TMS® Diesel Engine Oil
  • Superlube® 518® Diesel Engine Oil
  • Qwiklift® HTB® Universal Tractor Hydraulic, Transmission and Wet Brake Fluid
  • Auto Gold® AFT Dexron III / Mercon Transmission Fluid
  • Indol Premium Antiwear Hydraulic Oil
  • MP Gear Lube Extreme Pressure Gear Lubricant

We also carry a full line of:

  • Power Service ® Diesel Fuel Additives
  • Howes Diesel Treat
  • Rotella® T
  • Tire sealants
  • Spray lubricants
  • Antifreeze
  • Brake fluid
  • Gas treatments
  • D.E.F.

Trailer & Auto Accessories

Poudre Valley Co-op is proud to offer a full catalog of components for vehicle and trailer maintenance and repair:

  • Air compressors
  • Trailer jacks
  • Booster cables
  • Jacks & jack stands
  • Trailer lights
  • Tow straps
  • Trailer locks
  • Auto fuses
  • Brake controllers
  • Trailer wire & adapters
  • Windshield wiper blades
  • Much, much more!