Gas & Diesel Delivery

At Poudre Valley Co-op our Refined Fuels Department has been delivering Red Off-Road Diesel, Clear On-Road Diesel and Gasoline to businesses, ranches and farms of all sizes all along Northern Colorado’s Front Range for over 60 years. Along with fuel sales and delivery we also offer a variety of services and products that make Poudre Valley Co-op’s Refined Fuels Department second to none in customer satisfaction. At Poudre Valley Co-op we offer stand tanks complete with fill cap, gauge, hose, nozzle and filter system or skid tanks.  Pumps, hoses, nozzles, and gauges for lease or sale.  And of course, if you own a tank it would be our pleasure to fill it for you.


At Poudre Valley Co-op we carry fuel tanks in the following sizes:
Skid Stand
  • 150 Gallon
  • 300 Gallon
  • 500 Gallon
  • 1000 Gallon
  • 150 Gallon
  • 300 Gallon
  • 500 Gallon


Poudre Valley Co-op offers wide assortment of pumps and accessories for your fuel needs including
  • Pumps
  • Nozzles
  • Breakaways
  • Hoses
  • Fuel Caps
  • Transfer Tanks
At Poudre Valley Co-op we are proud to carry CENEX products, which include
  • Ruby Field Master Diesel – Off-Road, Non-Taxable
  • Road Master On Road Diesel
  • Premium Gasoline
  • Super Gasoline
  • Regular Unleaded Gasoline
  • No-E, Ethanol Free 88.5 Octane Gasoline
  • E85 Ethanol – 85% Ethanol made in the USA
Member Owned Purchasing from your own company.
Dividends With your membership you will share in the company profits.
Route System Our route system reduces the chance of running out with trucks stopping by every 4 to 6 weeks.
Drivers All of Poudre Valley Co-op’s drivers are well trained and courteous.
Equipment All of Poudre Valley Co-op’s equipment carries up to date inspections and is always operated with the utmost regard to safety.
Price Poudre Valley Co-op works hard all year long to be able to offer gas and diesel  at the best price to our customers.